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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Ermengarde, where does nothing happen?
(a) New York.
(b) Chicago.
(c) Florida.
(d) Yonkers.

2. Mrs. Levi claims she will get what out of helping Ambrose and Ermengarde?
(a) A tip from Mr. Vandergelder.
(b) Vicarious romance.
(c) Profit and pleasure.
(d) Revenge on Mr. Vandergelder.

3. In Act 2, what type of outing are Cornelius and Barnaby on?
(a) A drinking binge.
(b) An adventure.
(c) A shopping expedition.
(d) A family meeting.

4. Mrs. Levi finds "pretty girls" unable to do what?
(a) "Use their brain."
(b) "Speak ill of others."
(c) "Attract a rich husband."
(d) "Improve their other advantages."

5. What type of hat does Cornelius wear in Act 2?
(a) A bowler hat.
(b) A straw hat.
(c) A baseball cap.
(d) A cowboy hat.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dislikes the milliner business?

2. Why does Malachi think Mr. Vandergelder wants to talk to the cabman?

3. Where does Act 1 take place?

4. What does Cornelius want Mrs. Malloy to think of him?

5. At the opening of the play, what do Ambrose and Mr. Vandergelder fight about?

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