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Ally Condie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Official tells Cassia that if her relationship with Ky continues, _______________________.
(a) Cassia will be sent to the Outer Provinces.
(b) Ky will be placed in solitary confinement.
(c) Ky can be sent back to the Outer Provinces.
(d) Ky will have to pay a fine.

2. Ky talks to Cassia about the _____________ Dilemma.
(a) Artist's.
(b) Prisoner's.
(c) Poet's.
(d) Lover's.

3. What does Ky tell Cassia after she writes the phrase for him?
(a) Please stay awhile.
(b) Maybe, just maybe.
(c) You're sweeter.
(d) He loves her too.

4. What does Ky give to Cassia while hiking in Chapter 15?
(a) A book.
(b) A photograph.
(c) A magazine.
(d) An artifact.

5. Ky works in a very ______________ environment.
(a) Loud.
(b) Harsh.
(c) Aesthetic.
(d) Calm.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ky tells Cassia that the voices they hear in their hundred songs are ____________________ voices.

2. Ky asks Cassia when she first noticed him and she tells him it was _______________________.

3. What does Ky tell Cassia about how he learned the activity in 76?

4. If Cassia sorts the person in #132 into the higher group which means _________________________.

5. Ky tells Cassia the story about _____________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. In what ways are Cassia and her mother alike?

2. What is Society doing in the middle of the night that Cassia's mother considers to be a warning for her?

3. What is depicted on the napkin that Ky gives to Cassia?

4. What does the Official warn Cassia might happen to Ky if they maintain their relationship?

5. Why does Ky teach Cassia to write her name?

6. Why does Cassia hold back from telling Ky that she saw his face on the screen at her Match Banquet?

7. What does Ky tell Cassia that he is and how does she feel about it?

8. What is the Prisoner's Dilemma and how does it relate to Cassia and Ky?

9. How are Cassia and her family warned about their behavior with the cutting of the maple trees?

10. What does Ky give to Cassia after they kiss on top of the hill?

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