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Ally Condie
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who had helped Xander find his lost tablet container once when they were young?
(a) Seth.
(b) Georg.
(c) Ky.
(d) Max.

2. What special gift does Cassia bring to Grandfather at his Final Banquet?
(a) A jacket.
(b) A blanket.
(c) A letter and a poem.
(d) A watch.

3. What type of trees are being knocked down because they are not efficient?
(a) Maple trees.
(b) Cottonwood trees.
(c) Dogwood trees.
(d) Evergreen trees.

4. At work, Cassia learns that she is going to get a/an _________________________ soon.
(a) New desk.
(b) Office.
(c) Raise.
(d) Personal testing.

5. Who defines rules and events in Cassia's world?
(a) Government.
(b) Society.
(c) Parents.
(d) Church.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are Cassia and Xander traveling at the beginning of the book?

2. Grandfather shares a ______________ with Cassia that was hidden in the compact.

3. Cassia is with a group of students at the Arboretum and they are the first group allowed to try the new activity of _____________ in many years.

4. What new activity does Xander tell Cassia about?

5. What bewilders Cassia when she looks at the microcard of Xander?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the artifacts that Cassia and Xander carry with them at the beginning of the book?

2. Where does Cassia decide to get rid of Grandfather's paper and why is it so risky?

3. How do Cassia and her parents feel about Xander for her Match?

4. When does Cassia wonder if her Match should really be Ky?

5. What is the importance of the Matching system?

6. How is Cassia's ordered world thrown off when she looks at her micro card to learn more about Xander?

7. Who is Cassia Matched to at the Match Banquet?

8. Explain how the Matching ceremony takes place.

9. What is Cassia's special talent in the Society?

10. Why is Cassia especially pleased with the Matching Banquet she and Xander are attending?

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