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Ally Condie
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 29-32.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Before the family is relocated, Cassia goes out to try to find ____________________.
(a) Ky.
(b) Em.
(c) Livy.
(d) Xander.

2. Cassia is to be Matched on her _____________ birthday.
(a) 17th.
(b) 21st.
(c) 19th.
(d) 15th.

3. Why are the Officials collecting artifacts?
(a) Memories are painful events which should be minimized.
(b) The government decided they promoted inequality in members.
(c) There should be no personalized items in homes.
(d) They are going to study what is important to people.

4. What does Cassia tell Ky that she thought about during her Match Banquet?
(a) The ocean.
(b) Angels.
(c) Music.
(d) Rainbows.

5. How does Cassia's family travel as they head out of town?
(a) Air-Train.
(b) Cloud Port.
(c) Sky-Tunnel.
(d) Heliport.

Short Answer Questions

1. What new activity does Xander tell Cassia about?

2. What artifact does Xander have?

3. How does Cassia feel about seeing Ky with Livy?

4. What does Xander do to get Cassia out of her contemplative mood?

5. The family of the person in #147 knows the relocation of the person is _____________________.

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