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Ally Condie
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 22-28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Xander do to get Cassia out of her contemplative mood?
(a) He tickles her.
(b) He kisses her.
(c) He takes her to lunch.
(d) He dances with her.

2. Who gives Em a green pill at the music hall?
(a) Curt.
(b) Xander.
(c) Cassia.
(d) Phoenicia.

3. What does Cassia's mother say about the event in #117?
(a) It is a warning for her.
(b) It is a beautiful sight.
(c) It is detrimental to the environment.
(d) It certainly is frightening.

4. What is unusual about the screen when Cassia stands for her turn to be Matched?
(a) It is black & white.
(b) It is out of focus.
(c) It has shrunk.
(d) It is blank.

5. What type of trees are being knocked down because they are not efficient?
(a) Evergreen trees.
(b) Maple trees.
(c) Cottonwood trees.
(d) Dogwood trees.

Short Answer Questions

1. What strange thing does Cassia note that Ky is doing?

2. Ky tells Cassia that the voices they hear in their hundred songs are ____________________ voices.

3. Who is Xander?

4. Ky tells Cassia the story about _____________________.

5. What does Ky give to Cassia on the last day of Summer Activities?

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