Objects & Places from Matched

Ally Condie
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Compact - This is what Cassia receives on her birthday from her grandfather.

City Hall - This is where Cassia and Xander go for the banquet where they find out who their Matches are.

Mapletree Borough - This is where Cassia lives. It is known for being tight-knit and an exemplary neighborhood.

Artifact - These are approved materials that hold special meaning to members in the Society. Each individual is allowed to have one until it is taken away by Officials.

Maple Trees - These are what are taken away because the Government decided they were a problem.

Green Tablet - These were taken to help calm people down. They were each allowed one per week.

Blue Tablet - This acts as a nutritional supplement.

Red Tablet - This erases the memories of most people who take it. Ky and Xander don't feel the effects of it...

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