Matched Character Descriptions

Ally Condie
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Cassia - She is a teenager on the cusp of taking on adult responsibilities and trying to determine her true Match for life.

Ky - He lived in the Outer Region with his family until his parents were killed.

Xander - This is Cassia's best friend, and she is Matched to him at the banquet.

Grandfather - This old man is unusually close to his family, and he gives Cassia an old handwritten note before his death.

Bram - This is Cassia's younger brother. He is very close to her, and she tries to protect him.

Father - This character helps restore old neighborhoods, turning them into new Boroughs.

Molly - This character works in the arboretum and has to make a tough decision that will affect other lives.

Norah - This character is Cassia's boss at her sorting job. She is not very friendly.

Em -...

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