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Music Samples

Bring in a recording of one of Maria Callas' performances and share with the class.

Character Charades

Working in teams of two, act out a character's identity without using any words.


Create a Bingo game out of musical terms, including composer names, titles of arias etc.

Make up Nicknames

Maria was very proud of her nickname La Divina. Create a list of other nicknames that would be suitable for Maria.

Master Class

Work with another student to create an agenda for a master class. What would you be teaching? How would you relate to the students?


Look up the plot description of Bellini's La Sonnambula and write a one or two sentence description of it.

Photo Collage

Search the internet to create a pictorial history of Maria Callas and the important people and places in her life. Be prepared to explain the photos to...

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