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Short Answer Questions

1. What country has Kate's father just arrived in?

2. What does Kate begin manufacturing in this section?

3. What can Van der Merwe no longer attend now that his daughter is pregnant?

4. Where does Jamie return to in this section?

5. How does Jamie travel to Klipdrift?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Eve convince Dr. Harley Alexandra is ill?

2. Why does the headmistress at the Swiss school expel Eve?

3. Why does Jamie despise Margaret?

4. How does Keith destroy Eve's life?

5. What changes does Kate make to the business in this section?

6. How does Kate destroy Tony's art career?

7. How does Jamie think they can get across the minefield?

8. Describe Jamie's marriage to Margaret.

9. How does Eve kill George in this section?

10. How does Eve ensure George keeps his word about killing Alexandra?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

How does Jamie's death affect the lives of the characters? How would the story if Jamie lived?

Essay Topic 2

Consider the following questions:

1) Why is Eve so against her sister Alexandra?

2) What does say about Alexandra that she never reacts badly to Alexandra behavior?

3) What meaning does it give the story that it is Eve and not Alexandra that suffers in the end?

Essay Topic 3

What does Van der Merwe's character say about South Africa during the late 19th century in South Africa? How does James ruin Van der Merwe's life? How would James's life have developed if Van der Merwe had treated him fairly?

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