Master of the Game Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Jamie get to Klipdrift?

Jamie spends nearly a year working in Edinburgh and London to earn the money he needs to get to Cape Town. Once in Cape Town, Jamie find another job before traveling to Klipdrift on the back of a mail wagon.

2. What proposition does Van der Merwe make Jamie over dinner?

Over dinner, Van der Merwe suggests a partnership in which Jamie will go to a specific location to search for diamonds. When he finds diamonds, he has to register the claim and the they will split the money equally.

3. What problems does Jamie suffer on his journey to find diamonds?

Jamie's journey to the diamond is arduous. After his mule dies, Jamie decides to move everything he cannot live without into one pack and leave the rest with the dead mule. Jamie becomes so sunburned he can barely walk. However, his determination leads him to a village two days later where a local woman nurses him back to health.

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