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When Tony has enough of these, his girlfriend arranges a showing.

Van der Merwe's Store

Jamie McGregor goes to here to buy supplies for mining diamonds, but ends up signing a contract with Salomon Van der Merwe to find diamonds with him.

Diamond Beach

Van der Merwe owns this area in the Namib Desert.


Tony is confined in this location following the death of his wife.

Trust Fund

Eve and Alexandra's grandmother provide them with one of these.

Minority Shares of Kruger-Brent, Limited

After her son has a nervous breakdown, Kate pins her hopes on Eve to take over this.

Private Train Car

Kruger-Brent Limited owns one of these which first Jamie and then Kate use to travel to business meetings and company mines throughout South Africa.

Kruger-Brent, Limited

This is the company Jamie forms after stealing diamonds from Van der Merwe's diamond beach on the...

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