Master of the Game Character Descriptions

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Jamie McGregor

He gives up his share in the family farm at eighteen to travel to South Africa where he hopes to find diamonds.


He is a native man who meets Van der Merwe while working at his diamond beach in the Namib Desert. He saves Van der Merwe's daughter Margaret from drowning. Van der Merwe gives him a job at his store in Klipdrift.

David Blackwell

He is a young American who comes to work at Kruger-Brent, Limited with his father at the young age of sixteen. As grows older, he is given more responsibility, eventually becoming manager of the company.

Kate McGregor Blackwell

She is left on her own the majority of the time, allowed to play with boys and run wild in the streets of Klipdrift. When she is a teenager, her mother sends her to boarding school with the hopes that the structure...

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