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1. Describe Myrtle's early life.

At three-years-old Myrtle was found sitting next to a dead woman in a cellar. She was taken into an orphanage in Liverpool where she spent the next nine years of her life. When smallpox broke out across the city, she was taken in by the Hardy family. She would have gone back to the orphanage after the epidemic, but the Hardys' daughter, Beatrice, persuaded her parents to adopt her.

2. What is Myrtle's life like with the Hardy family?

The Hardy family takes good care of Myrtle and she responds well to them. Mrs. Hardy teaches her to read and in general, the Hardys give her a life she would not have had otherwise. Though it was Beatrice that persuaded her parents to adopt Myrtle, Myrtle now focuses her attention on the Hardys' son, George. Initially she is encouraged to follow George around by Mrs. Hardy and soon following him becomes an obsession.

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