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Liverpool, England

This is the Hardy's hometown.

The Hardy house on Blackberry Lane

It is here that Myrtle grows up and loves Master Georgie.

Blundell Hall

This is the home of Mr. William Rimmer's uncle.


This is the group's first destination of the journey. The group stays here for some time, sightseeing and attending picnics and dinners.

The Sweet Waters of Europe

Before the women leave, the group visits this resort, which is a short distance from Constantinople.

Theater at Pera

The party attends this after spending the day at the resort.


George obtains a surgeon's post here, arriving with Myrtle and Potter.


George is informed that he will be attached in the capacity of Assistant Surgeon to the 2nd division of the army, which will be quartered here.

Kalamita Bay

The group leaves Varna by ship on the 14th of September to arrive at...

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