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The Russian literary organization with thousands of members. Berlioz is head of it before his death, and various characters visit the building throughout the novel.

Apartment 50

Berlioz’s apartment, which he shares with Stepa. Much in demand, the apartment is nevertheless taken over by Woland and his crew, who extend it using “the fifth dimension.”

The Manuscript

The paper copy of the Master’s novel, which was burned but later recovered by Woland.

Satan’s Ball

The event Woland needs Margarita to co-host with him, in which the dead return to enjoy the festivities for one night.

Azazello’s Cream

The cream Azazello gives to Margarita (and which Natasha later uses) to turn her into a witch).

The Basement Apartment

The apartment Margarita and the Master share, surrounded by lilacs, which they so enjoy.


The place where the main action of the book takes place.

The Hill

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