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Panel Discussion

Have a panel discussion about the use of satire in the novel.


Create illustrated maps of the settings in the novel.


Write a rulebook for witches. What rules do they observe? What kind of code do they follow?

Venn Diagrams

Compare and contrast the Master and Yeshua.


Write an obituary for the Master, then write one for Margarita.


Create an illustrated timeline for the novel.


Put Woland on trial.

Book Cover

Create a book cover for the novel. Include a blurb for the back cover.


Write a diary of the week from Natasha’s point of view.

Role Play

Role play the Master and Woland debating an important concept from the novel.


Debate the roles of good and evil in the novel.

Job Description

Write a job description for the devil.

Psychological Profile

Create a psychological profile for the...

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