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Essay Topic 1

Many characters transform throughout the book, in big and small ways. Margarita turns into a witch, several characters die, are brought to life, turn into pigs, etc. What is the significance of these transformations? Pick one and explain how the character changes externally and internally.

Essay Topic 2

The Master and Margarita features many characters who are writers by profession. Who are they? What do they write? Is there a hierarchy among them? Describe the importance of this profession within the novel.

Essay Topic 3

The theater is an important locale in the novel. What aspects of the novel itself are particularly performative? How is this mirrored in the events of the narrative?

Essay Topic 4

Almost every character (beyond Woland and his group) is extremely confused at one point or another in the novel. Describe the use of chaos, mass chaos, and its effect on the individual as...

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