Master and Margarita Character Descriptions

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The Master

A writer who has been working on a book about Pontius Pilate; Margarita’s lover. Betrayed by a neighbor who wanted his apartment, the Master was first taken by the secret police and then sent to the asylum. Margarita does not know what has happened to him.


The eponymous heroine and the Master’s lover. Enormously passionate about his work, she is devastated when the book is destroyed. She becomes a witch and hosts Satan’s Ball with Woland in order to find out more about the Master, whom she has come to believe is dead or, at the very least, who she will never hear from again.


The Devil in disguise (though not always very hidden). He appears in Moscow and chats with a variety of the main characters, affecting them in different ways, as his cronies wreak havoc on the city and...

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