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Chapter 1

• The editor of a magazine, Berlioz, meets with the writer and poet Ivan Ponirov (also known as Bezdomny) at Patriarch’s Ponds.

• The men are talking about Jesus Christ in relationship to a poem Bezdomny wrote. In his version, Berliotz believes, he has made Jesus to real.

• A foreigner appears and tells them that, in addition to knowing about the five proofs of God, he had breakfast with Emmanuel Kant.

• The mysterious stranger tells Berliotz that he will die by beheading, and adds cryptically that Anna has already spilled the oil

• The men question him; he admits to being German, in a way, and also a professor of history.

• The stranger then begins a story about Pontius Pilate.

Chapter 2

• A man who has spoken ‘against the government’ is brought to Pontius Pilate.

• The man, Yeshua, appears to be a philosopher.

• Yeshua is followed by a man who...

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