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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack insist upon doing while the Dedaigneuse approaches?
(a) Flogging Ellis
(b) Reading to Stephen
(c) Reviving Ellis
(d) Listening to Mowett's poetry

2. What is the name of the book written by Dr. Ramis?
(a) Realizations in the Study of Humans
(b) Human Emotions: A Study
(c) Specimen Animalium
(d) Specimen Homo Sapien

3. Which of the following does Dillon believe to be Jack's biggest weakness?
(a) Bribery attempts
(b) Desire for prizes
(c) Willingness to be political
(d) Willingness to punish those that do not listen

4. What is Stephen summoned to the quarterdeck to view with Jack?
(a) Coast
(b) 200-ton prize
(c) Dolphins
(d) Flogging

5. Who put white chalk into the food?
(a) Stephen's helper
(b) Jack
(c) Dillon
(d) The new midshipman

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the usual punishment for sailors aboard the Sophie?

2. What is Dillon afraid will corrupt his men?

3. Who takes over command of the Felipe V when it falls to the Sophie?

4. Which of the following words best describes Jack overall?

5. Who takes over the prisoners and is given the possession of the prize tartan ship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Captain Neal stern with Jack when Jack shows up to discuss his orders with dirt and powder all over his clothes and face?

2. Why does Admiral Keith tell Jack that he will probably never rise to pos-captain?

3. What does Stephen warn Jack about in regards to his relationship with Molly?

4. What is the decision at the court-martial in regards to Jack and his crew?

5. Despite his lack of knowledge about surgery, at what does Stephen excel?

6. What changed about the way Molly was treated throughout the novel?

7. What does Stephen believe is the cause of Tom Simmons' death?

8. What does Jack do when the maintopgallantmast and foretosale fall and why?

9. Why was the ship down to just a quarter ration for water when they arrived in Minorca?

10. What is Molly to Jack and of what importance is this to the novel?

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