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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following terms does not describe Jack's encounter with Mrs. Harte?
(a) Pleasant
(b) First name basis
(c) Antagonistic
(d) Unusually intimate

2. Which of the following characters is the Commandant of all of the British Navy Captains stationed at Mahon?
(a) Aubrey
(b) Marshall
(c) Harte
(d) Maturin

3. What type of ceremony was held once the Sophie went back to sea?
(a) One to demote a sailor
(b) One to promote Jack
(c) One to administer punishment
(d) One to promote Stephen

4. What is the elm-tree pump used for?
(a) Washing the deck
(b) Lavatories and wash water
(c) Shooting water at the enemy
(d) Providing fresh water

5. What happened when the Sophie fired a warning shot toward The CItoyen Durand?
(a) The crew increased their speed.
(b) The ship exploded.
(c) They dumped their prize possessions into the ocean.
(d) The captain's wife went into labor.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what were the men who were punished aboard the Sophie accused?

2. How many died on the Dart during that battle?

3. Where is Dillon asked to take the French sloop that was captured?

4. Who will be Jack's second-in-command?

5. What did Maturin accuse Jack of doing incorrectly during the concert?

Short Essay Questions

1. What initial reaction does the Admiral have when he sees Jack kissing Queenie and how did this reaction change?

2. What do the orders that the waiter brings from Captain Harte basically tell Jack?

3. Describe in detail what a sin-eater is.

4. Describe where the opening scene of this novel takes place and be sure to include descriptions of the actions occurring as well as the setting.

5. How and why does Stephen defend Aubrey to Dillon?

6. What amazed Stephen while the crew was practicing beat to quarters?

7. Describe the kind of friend is Jack to Stephen and compare it to the kind of friend Stephen is to Jack.

8. What did Dillon come to Jack's quarters to discuss which might cause problems with the sailing?

9. Describe Jack's personal view of the flogging he does to his crew.

10. To what is Stephen's sense of duty linked and how is this reflected by his chosen profession?

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