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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack compare the fish, birds and meteors to as he tries to convince Stephen to join him aboard ship?
(a) Surgical prowess
(b) Prize money
(c) Music
(d) Strange and new people

2. What does before the mast mean?
(a) Stripping a midshipman of his status and turning him into a common sailor
(b) Promoting a common sailor into a midshipman
(c) Calling out a sailor of higher rank to compete in a duel for his rank
(d) Raising the sails of a ship in surrender to the enemy

3. How did Dillon choose to attack the two ships who were attacking the Dart from both sides?
(a) Separately
(b) Together
(c) With help from an ally
(d) Defensively

4. What is a polacre?
(a) Gentleman's magazine
(b) Plague ship
(c) 3-masted Mediterranean ship
(d) Quarantined ship

5. Of what were the men who were punished aboard the Sophie accused?
(a) Betrayal
(b) Abandoment of duties
(c) Mutiny
(d) Drunkenness

6. What game do Dillon and Stephen share?
(a) Checkers
(b) Poker
(c) Backgammon
(d) Chess

7. Which of the following sheets does Mowett say that the sailors will adjust first?
(a) Halliards
(b) Lee
(c) Weather
(d) Sloop

8. What causes Jack to jump on a chair?
(a) Snake
(b) Fish
(c) A joke from Stephen
(d) Attacker

9. What does practicing beat to quarters simulate?
(a) An emergency
(b) Daily routines aboard the ship
(c) A war
(d) New sailing techniques

10. What kind of ship does the Sophie come across after the storm?
(a) Plague
(b) Hospital
(c) French
(d) Pirate

11. How many gun sloops did the Sophie have?
(a) 10
(b) 5
(c) 20
(d) 14

12. What does Mr. Ricketts teach a rudimentary course in what subject to Jack?
(a) Crew rules
(b) Bookkeeping
(c) Surgery
(d) Ship management

13. Which of the following is the best synonym for the word erudition in the following sentence: Stephen amazed Jack with his erudition in pointing out one special dish.
(a) Sophistication
(b) Scholarship
(c) Culture
(d) Education

14. Who was hosting a grand party?
(a) Stephen
(b) Jack
(c) Molly
(d) Dillon

15. What does Jack indicate is the problem for sailors at sea?
(a) Scurvy
(b) Sea sickness
(c) Hernias
(d) Cuts

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following was not a reaction to the punishment of the new man, John Surel?

2. Where was the gunner injured?

3. At the beginning of Chapter 4, what is the crew practicing?

4. With what did Jack threaten Jack if he disobeyed his order against helping the survivors on the plague ship?

5. How many bells went off which subsequently woke up Stephen?

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