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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maturin tells Jack that he can be found where most any morning?
(a) Govenor's mansion
(b) Hospital
(c) Coffeehouse
(d) Crown

2. Who shows Stephen around the ship?
(a) Maturin
(b) Jack
(c) Mowett
(d) Dillon

3. Of what religion is Dillon?
(a) Methodist
(b) Muslim
(c) Catholic
(d) Jewish

4. Which of the following characters has a hare lip?
(a) Cheslin
(b) Surel
(c) Brown
(d) Florey

5. Which of the characters cannot speak?
(a) King
(b) Richards
(c) Ricketts
(d) Dillon

6. What did Jack mention to Dillon that was necessary to assign to the men?
(a) Rank
(b) Jobs aboard the ship
(c) Duties aboard the ship
(d) Watches

7. How do the officers dress to administer the punishment?
(a) Gold-laced hats with swords
(b) Casual clothes
(c) Specific uniform only used during punishments
(d) In all white

8. What did Maturin accuse Jack of doing incorrectly during the concert?
(a) Singing the wrong lyrics
(b) Making too much noise
(c) Elbowing his neighbors inappropriately
(d) Tapping out the beat

9. Where was Jack injured?
(a) Artery
(b) Arm
(c) Leg
(d) Ear

10. Why do the many officers gather around Jack at the Harte's party?
(a) Listening to him play a song
(b) Noting his prizes
(c) Undermining his authority
(d) Examining his sword

11. Who calls out when land is spotted aboard the Sophie?
(a) Bowmansmate
(b) Masthead
(c) Starboard watchman
(d) Midshipman

12. How long was the fish Stephen was called to see?
(a) 5 feet
(b) 1 foot
(c) 9 inches
(d) 2 inches

13. Which of the following is the best synonym for the word erudition in the following sentence: Stephen amazed Jack with his erudition in pointing out one special dish.
(a) Scholarship
(b) Culture
(c) Education
(d) Sophistication

14. What did Aubrey and Maturin share with their coffee as their friendship started?
(a) Newspaper
(b) Chocolate
(c) Music
(d) Pastries

15. When is Stephen told he will meet Mr. Dillon?
(a) As he reports for duty
(b) At the evening meal
(c) At lunch
(d) At breakfast

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Jack to jump on a chair?

2. What is wrong with the new twelve-pound guns?

3. How many died on the Dart during that battle?

4. Where does Jack tell his guns aboard the Sophia to aim?

5. About how far was the recoil when the guns were fired?

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