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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who will be Jack's second-in-command?
(a) Harte
(b) Stephen
(c) Lamb
(d) Dillion

2. Where is Dillon asked to take the French sloop that was captured?
(a) Ireland
(b) Mahon
(c) France
(d) England

3. Which is Stephen's native country?
(a) Ireland
(b) France
(c) Catalonia
(d) Italy

4. Which of the following characters was the captain of the Sophie?
(a) Teniente
(b) Bradby
(c) Crown
(d) Allen

5. Which of the following is the best synonym for the word erudition in the following sentence: Stephen amazed Jack with his erudition in pointing out one special dish.
(a) Culture
(b) Education
(c) Sophistication
(d) Scholarship

6. Which of the following does Jack indicate he relied on for his own promotion?
(a) Saving the right person
(b) Very important acts
(c) Brave deeds
(d) A bit of luck

7. Which of the following words/phrases did Jack NOT think describing Maturin during the concert?
(a) White-faced creature
(b) Poor demeanor
(c) Ancient wig
(d) Well-groomed

8. What is wrong with the new twelve-pound guns?
(a) Over shoot their targets
(b) Recoil too much
(c) Do not fit in the slots
(d) Do not work properly

9. Which of the following is the best definition for the term epaulette?
(a) Decoration on the front of an officer's uniform
(b) Shoulder decoration on an officer's uniform
(c) The name of the pants of an officer's uniform
(d) The name of the jacket that is part of the officer's uniform

10. For what was the cake that Stephen and the French captain shared intended?
(a) Baby's christening
(b) Captain's birthday
(c) Wife's birthday
(d) Stephen's birthday

11. Where was Jack injured?
(a) Arm
(b) Ear
(c) Artery
(d) Leg

12. For what does Stephen use the extra room that Jack offers him?
(a) Living, as he moved into this room
(b) Setting up his surgery area
(c) Seeing patients
(d) Reading his manuals

13. Where does Jack tell his guns aboard the Sophia to aim?
(a) Masts
(b) Deck
(c) Guns
(d) Galley

14. Which word describes one of the motivating factors for Stephen to take the job?
(a) Loss of his wife recently
(b) Escape from people who are looking at him
(c) Basically penniless
(d) Adventure

15. What does Stephen warn of as a deadly danger from a lack of ventilation?
(a) Croup
(b) Hernias
(c) Scurvy
(d) Gaol-fever

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of ship was the Dart?

2. Which of the following best describes Jack's behavior at the Harte's party AFTER he has too much to drink?

3. What does the waiter bring to Jack after he tries to convince Stephen to come with him on the voyage?

4. What was Gouges holding when he died?

5. Where were the Norwegians hiding?

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