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Port Mahon

This was the main seaport and capital of Minorca, located in the Balearic Islands.

The Crown

This resembles the famous Portsmouth Inn of same name.


A patch, also called fondly a swab, a coveted mark of rank.

Joselito's Coffee House

This is where Stephen Maturin hangs out in the morning.


This is an instrument.


This is an instrument broken once while performing.

Captain Harte's House

This is a large house rented to the main character by a Spanish merchant.

Hospital in Mahon

This is where Doctor Florey practices.


This was where Jack discovers that Lord Keith is married to Queenie, his old caretaker as a child, someone who cares for Jack immensely.


This is the capital of the Italian Island of Sardinia.


This is presided over by Mr. Brown, a composer as well as a Navy Officer.

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