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Create a costume

Research Victorian fashion and put together a costume suitable for Mary Barton, Jem Wilson or Harry Carson.

Love poem

Compose a love poem as either Jem or Harry Carson writing to Mary.


An acrostic poem is a poem in which the first letters of a line or paragraph combine together to spell another word or message.

Create an acrostic poem using either "Manchester", "Chartists", "Mary and Jem" or "Carson Mill" as the topic of the poem as well as the word which each line/paragraph of the poem will join to spell out.


Compose a letter as Jem writing to his mother from Mary's bedside in Liverpool.

Strike poster

Create a strike poster/placard that a worker may have carried. Make the slogan or complaints on the poster/placard relevant to the plight of factory workers in the Industrial Revolution.

Alternate Ending


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