Mary Barton Character Descriptions

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Mary Barton

This character is the protagonist of the novel.

John Barton

This character kills one of the mill masters.

Jem Wilson

This character is falsely accused of murder.


This character becomes a prostitute after running away from home.

Margaret Jennings

This character is a successful singer.

George Wilson

This character has twin sons who die.

Job Legh

This character enjoys collecting insects.

Alice Wilson

This character suffers a stroke.

Will Wilson

This character is a sailor but returns home to testify in court.

Henry Carson

This character's son is killed by an angry employee.

Harry Carson

This character courts the protagonist but is murdered halfway through the book.

Jane Wilson

This character blames the protagonist for the arrest of her child.

Mary Barton, the elder

This character dies in childbirth.

Sally Leadbitter

This character works with the protagonist at the dressmaker's shop.

Ben Davenport

This character's...

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