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Trevirorum, Germany

Marx was born in this city on May 5, 1818.

Bonn University

Marx studied law here, although his teachers reported that he spent more time drinking and chasing women than he did studying.

University of Berlin

Marx studied philosophy here after leaving another university.

Rhenish Gazette

Marx took a job on this paper and soon rose to editor-in-chief. The government shut the paper down because they did not like the paper's radical theme.

Franco-German Annals

Marx accepted a job at this paper in 1843 when he moved to Paris.

Paris, France

Marx and Jenny moved to here in 1843 but were expelled in 1845.

The New Rhenish Gazette

Marx and Engels started this paper in Germany.

Communist Manifesto

Marx and Engels wrote this important work. It was commissioned by the Communist League.

London, England

Marx and his family moved here in 1849. Marx died here in 1883.


Marx spent twenty-five years of...

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