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• Rius states that many people would see his attempt to summarize Marx as sacrilege of important texts.

• Others would say that Marxist thought is complicated and that simplifying it down for "simple minds" is a waste of time.
• Rius believes it is worth trying even if he fails.

• Rius wanted to understand Marx better, and although he did learn about Marx through writing, he is not satisfied.

• Marx was an important thinker and continued his work even when misunderstood.
• Marx produced many great works, some hard to digest and understand.

• This book is to be a sample "digest" of Marx.

• Rius wants this book to be comprehensible for the average reader.
• Marx produced hundreds of economic and philosophic terms in his writings, and Rius cannot cover them all, but he attempts to make the terms easier to understand by putting them into everyday language.

• Rius' straight approach...

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