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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Silly say that Teece remarked was a triumph for Teece himself?

2. How far away does Gripp eventually drive away from Marlin Village?

3. How long have many of the settlers lived on Mars at this time?

4. What ethnicity is fleeing Earth for Mars in this chapter?

5. What do the two men discussing the war believe will happen to the people who are living on Mars?

Short Essay Questions

1. For what was the town called Red Town named?

2. Why does LaFarge continually question Tom about his presence and what happens when he does?

3. How is the role of mankind reversed in this chapter and what feelings are experienced by the people on Mars.

4. Why do you believe Father Peregrine purchases a new valise before he leaves the luggage store?

5. How does Timothy recognize that his family is not really on a vacation?

6. What two events surprise Wilder while he is at Hathaway's home after he has landed his rocket?

7. What do you think LaFarge hears in the backyard and why does he bolt the door and not explore the noise?

8. What is the author's purpose in including such a small chapter simply about elderly people making the move to Mars?

9. Why does Hathaway believe he and his family are going to be rescued and how long as he been waiting to be rescued?

10. What does Stendahl reply when asked what he is planning to do with the house?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is governmental control and and overpowering nature described throughout the novel? Do you believe the government is still overpowering? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

How is the idea of belief systems rearranged and changed throughout the novel? Use specific examples from the novel to show the changes as they occur throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 3

How is the theme of racism described in this novel? Do you believe the author is providing a realistic picture of racism by his descriptions within the chapter? Why or why not?

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