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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which word below describes what the boys realize about their game?
(a) It will go on forever
(b) It would be shameful to their parents
(c) It is disgusting
(d) It is limited

2. What ethnicity is fleeing Earth for Mars in this chapter?
(a) Hispanic Americans
(b) Asian Americans
(c) Native Americans
(d) African Americans

3. Where do the boys hike?
(a) Newest deserted Martian towns
(b) Crystal mountains
(c) Mountains of ashes from the burnt bodies
(d) White snow covered mountains

4. How do the people on Earth let the people on Mars know what is going on on Earth?
(a) Radio broadcasts
(b) Incoming settlers on rockets
(c) Morse-code
(d) Sattelite broadcats

5. What do the students make while playing their game?
(a) Fire
(b) Music
(c) Ashes
(d) Photos

Short Answer Questions

1. What destroyed many of the buildings and people in Allendale, California?

2. Where does Walter Gripp live?

3. What tragedy happened to LaFarge and his wife?

4. What is reported to have happened to a man named Nomland who lived near the canal?

5. What does William say was the downfall of Earth?

Short Essay Questions

1. What two events surprise Wilder while he is at Hathaway's home after he has landed his rocket?

2. How does the author let the reader know that the family that once lived in the autonomously run house has been killed in the atomic blast?

3. What does the family do to keep warm on its first night on Mars and what does it symbolize?

4. Why does Walter Gripp suddenly try calling the largest beauty salon on Mars?

5. What do you think LaFarge hears in the backyard and why does he bolt the door and not explore the noise?

6. What does Teece see as a victory at the end of the chapter even though the blacks had gotten into the rockets and have left Earth?

7. How does Timothy recognize that his family is not really on a vacation?

8. For what was the town called Red Town named?

9. What is the author's purpose in including such a small chapter simply about elderly people making the move to Mars?

10. What do the new inhabitants of Mars call the elderly people who have begun to come to Mars?

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