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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What tragedy happened to LaFarge and his wife?
(a) They lost everything in a rocket explosion on the way to Mars
(b) Parents were killed on Mars
(c) Son was killed on Earth
(d) Government took all of their posessions

2. Why did the settlers who are now living on Mars decide to come to Mars?
(a) Escape criminal charges
(b) Travel and tourism
(c) Leave behind bigotry
(d) Right to freedom

3. What surprise do Sam and Elma find in the rear seat of their own sand ship?
(a) The same Martian male they had just killed
(b) A government official
(c) Their dead son
(d) A Martian female

4. What did Teece participate in many times at night?
(a) Helping blacks become freee
(b) Lynchings
(c) Store sales
(d) Rocket building

5. Which of the following major cities was reported to have been invaded by the Morse-code messages?
(a) Bejing
(b) Washington, DC
(c) Paris
(d) London

6. What does the word autonomously mean as it is used in the following sentence: The house is designed to function autonomously.
(a) With the use of the robots
(b) It is run by timers
(c) Without the use of machines
(d) Without human intervention

7. What happened to the McClellans?
(a) They died
(b) They are on the rocket on its way back from Mars
(c) They moved to Mars
(d) The moved to another Earth town

8. What did Silly say that Teece remarked was a triumph for Teece himself?
(a) No more lynchings
(b) I'm leaving
(c) Death to whites
(d) Mister

9. Who does Sam demand leave his shop?
(a) All workers from China and Mexico
(b) A Martian
(c) Father Peregrine
(d) Lavina and Tom

10. What does William say was the downfall of Earth?
(a) Greed
(b) Technology
(c) Financial institutions
(d) Government

11. Who did the sophisticates bring next to Mars?
(a) Elderly
(b) Workers
(c) Pioneers
(d) Government

12. What does Teece tell Belter will happen to the rocket?
(a) He will shoot the rocket destroying it
(b) Explode on launch
(c) It will not ever take off as it does not have fuel
(d) It will land on a different planet from Mars

13. Why did the Thomas family tell people they were going to Mars?
(a) To retrieve people left behind
(b) Vacation
(c) To rebuild Mars
(d) To live

14. What does Hathaway do to celebrate what he believes is his eminent rescue?
(a) Digs for archeological remains
(b) Opens a bottle of wine
(c) Sets the town of New New York on fire
(d) Prays at the graveyard

15. What tax was abolished?
(a) Sales
(b) Property
(c) Automobile
(d) Poll

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens at 9:00?

2. What does Father Peregrine purchase on his way out of the shop?

3. What ethnicity is fleeing Earth for Mars in this chapter?

4. Which continent was obliterated according to the messages?

5. How did Father Peregrine describe the fighting during the war in China when he was a boy?

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