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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Mars become with the arrival of the elderly?
(a) A copy of Earth
(b) A generational society
(c) Overburdeoned
(d) A microcosm of Martian society

2. What happens to the Martian who continually shifts into the form of deceased loved ones or enemies?
(a) Moves away
(b) Dies
(c) Moves in with Lavinia's family
(d) Takes the form of Tom forever

3. What color does the face of the Martian seem to be?
(a) Black
(b) Red
(c) White
(d) Silver

4. Why did Selsor stay behind on Mars?
(a) To be able to take care of her busness
(b) To eat whatever she wants
(c) To hide from the war
(d) To avoid jail on Earth

5. Where do Sam and his wife Elma open their shop?
(a) Beside the canal
(b) Beside where the rockets land
(c) Near the luggage shop
(d) In line with the mineral deposits

6. What destroyed many of the buildings and people in Allendale, California?
(a) Martians
(b) Earthquakes
(c) Fire
(d) Atomic war

7. What tax was abolished?
(a) Automobile
(b) Sales
(c) Property
(d) Poll

8. What did Silly say that Teece remarked was a triumph for Teece himself?
(a) No more lynchings
(b) I'm leaving
(c) Death to whites
(d) Mister

9. What traps Tom?
(a) Memories
(b) Martians
(c) Men
(d) Women

10. How do the fathers punish the boys when they return home?
(a) Encourage them to continue to play the game
(b) Punish them with beatings
(c) Punish them using time out
(d) Praise them

11. Who bans Stendahl from building the house on Earth?
(a) Office of Moral Climate
(b) Environmental Protection Agency
(c) Office of Labor and Statistics
(d) Office of the President of the United States

12. What does the family burn to keep warm at night?
(a) Abandoned homes
(b) Family history papers
(c) Rocket
(d) Government papers

13. What destroys the central computer?
(a) Martians
(b) Water
(c) Fire
(d) Atomic war

14. Where does William show the family Martians?
(a) In the graveyards
(b) In the historical buildings
(c) In the mountains
(d) Reflection in the canal

15. What has killed most of the Martians?
(a) Chicken pox
(b) Rocket ships
(c) Fire
(d) Themselves (suicide)

Short Answer Questions

1. How far away does Gripp eventually drive away from Marlin Village?

2. After what did the settlers name Spendor Hill?

3. What animal kills Garrett as he comes to investigate the House of Usher?

4. What happens at 9:00?

5. What does Father Peregrine purchase on his way out of the shop?

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