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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the people on Earth let the people on Mars know what is going on on Earth?
(a) Morse-code
(b) Radio broadcasts
(c) Sattelite broadcats
(d) Incoming settlers on rockets

2. What destroys the central computer?
(a) Water
(b) Fire
(c) Atomic war
(d) Martians

3. What term does the author use to describe the elderly?
(a) Seasoned people
(b) Useless people
(c) Mummy people
(d) Unwanted people

4. Who does Sam demand leave his shop?
(a) A Martian
(b) Lavina and Tom
(c) All workers from China and Mexico
(d) Father Peregrine

5. How far away does Gripp eventually drive away from Marlin Village?
(a) 10,000 miles
(b) 1,000 miles
(c) 1,000,000 miles
(d) 100,000 miles

6. What animal were the robotic house cleaners designed after?
(a) Cats
(b) Dogs
(c) Mouse
(d) Birds

7. What does William say was the downfall of Earth?
(a) Greed
(b) Government
(c) Financial institutions
(d) Technology

8. Who made the prediction that Mars would become an altered planet by the new settlers?
(a) Spendor
(b) Teece
(c) Stendahl
(d) Williams

9. Why did the settlers who are now living on Mars decide to come to Mars?
(a) Right to freedom
(b) Escape criminal charges
(c) Leave behind bigotry
(d) Travel and tourism

10. What news just reached Mars about Earth in this chapter?
(a) More people are relocating to Mars
(b) Mars is to be destroyed by those left on Earth
(c) Earth has been destroyed
(d) Earth is going to war

11. What has killed most of the Martians?
(a) Chicken pox
(b) Themselves (suicide)
(c) Rocket ships
(d) Fire

12. What does Hathaway do to celebrate what he believes is his eminent rescue?
(a) Sets the town of New New York on fire
(b) Prays at the graveyard
(c) Digs for archeological remains
(d) Opens a bottle of wine

13. What tax was abolished?
(a) Automobile
(b) Sales
(c) Poll
(d) Property

14. What happens to the McClellans' house at the end of the chapter?
(a) Melts
(b) Continues on
(c) Explodes
(d) Simply falls apart

15. After what did the settlers name Spendor Hill?
(a) Where Spendor killed his crew mates
(b) Where Spendor was killed by his captain
(c) Where Spendor sat thinking about what to do
(d) Where Spendor's crew landed

Short Answer Questions

1. What new portion of civilization does the author indicate has begun to settle on Mars?

2. With what does Sam threaten the Martian?

3. What do the two men discussing the war believe will happen to the people who are living on Mars?

4. How do the fathers punish the boys when they return home?

5. What are Hathaway's other family members?

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