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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which emotion or feeling best describes the feeling of most of the Martians in August of 1999?
(a) Terror
(b) Relief
(c) Surprise
(d) Enlightenment

2. What happens to the snow?
(a) Turns to hail
(b) Comes down harder
(c) Reaches blizzard proportions
(d) Turns to rain

3. Where were Williams and his crew members placed?
(a) Space institute
(b) Asylum
(c) Jail
(d) Hospital

4. Who made up the first waves of settlers to Mars?
(a) Men
(b) Women
(c) Singles only
(d) Married couples

5. Why does Ylla's husband say that it is impossible for individuals to live on Earth?
(a) Too much oxygen
(b) Too much heat
(c) Too far away
(d) Too much cold

6. How does Driscoll oxygenate Mars?
(a) Releasing oxygen tanks
(b) Draining the canals
(c) Planting trees
(d) Removing all of the native fruit plants

7. What threatens Earth and changes the make-up of the second wave?
(a) Invasion
(b) Famine
(c) Plague
(d) War

8. What does Mr. Xxx declare Williams?
(a) A excellent skilled Martian
(b) Non-curable
(c) Sane
(d) An earthling

9. How old is the house Mr. and Mrs. K live in?
(a) 10-century
(b) 1000-century
(c) 1-century
(d) 100-century

10. Which of the following terms best describes how Williams feels when Mrs. Ttt slams the door in his face?
(a) Surprised
(b) Angered
(c) Excited
(d) Bewildered

11. What happens to the land?
(a) Remains frozen
(b) Becomes soaked
(c) Forms a large crator
(d) Catches on fire

12. Which term best describes the reasons Earthlings have for settling on Mars?
(a) Unique
(b) The same
(c) Surprising
(d) Varied

13. The second waves constitute people that are from ______________.
(a) Cities
(b) Farming communities
(c) Small towns
(d) Suburbs

14. What does Biggs do which angers Spendor significantly?
(a) Drops empty bottles in the canal
(b) Attacking his fellow crew mates
(c) Making fun of the Martians
(d) Smokes and drinks and becomes more rowdy

15. What does Ylla's husband use to take them to town?
(a) Fire birds
(b) Rockets
(c) Vehicle
(d) Boats

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. and Mrs. K are ____________.

2. What type of coats are the mothers in the chapter wearing?

3. Where is the ship to land according to Ylla?

4. What does Ylla sleep upon?

5. What do many of the Earthlings headed for Mars feel a need to escape?

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