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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through November 2005: The Watchers.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to the Martian who continually shifts into the form of deceased loved ones or enemies?
(a) Takes the form of Tom forever
(b) Moves away
(c) Dies
(d) Moves in with Lavinia's family

2. Where is the ship to land according to Ylla?
(a) Green Acres
(b) Green Pond
(c) Green Apples
(d) Green Valley

3. What does this chapter show the beginning of?
(a) Mental breakdowns
(b) Murderous thoughts
(c) Destruction of the Earth civilization
(d) Mars colonization

4. What rises over Mars?
(a) Green star
(b) Sun
(c) Rocket ship
(d) Moon

5. What does Ylla do in a foreign tongue?
(a) Reads
(b) Sings
(c) Speaks
(d) Moans

Short Answer Questions

1. What fills the Dead Sea during some seasons?

2. In what month and year is the colonization of Mars nearly complete?

3. Mr. and Mrs. K are ____________.

4. How would you describe the feeling of all of the Martians during this time of singing foreign tunes?

5. What was the job of the first people to make their way to Mars?

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