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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through June 2003: Way in the Middle of the Air.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the leader of the third expedition?
(a) Black
(b) Pritchard
(c) Williams
(d) York

2. Who made up the first waves of settlers to Mars?
(a) Women
(b) Men
(c) Married couples
(d) Singles only

3. Which of the following characters offers to take Silly's place as a worker?
(a) Silly
(b) Teece
(c) Belter
(d) Grandpa Quartermain

4. Which of the following terms best describes the dreams experienced during August of 1999?
(a) Surprising
(b) Foreboding
(c) Reassuring
(d) Enlightening

5. What type of relatives do crew members find in the town?
(a) None
(b) Elderly
(c) Second or third cousins
(d) Deceased

Short Answer Questions

1. What rises over Mars?

2. What does Teece tell Belter will happen to the rocket?

3. What are the amphitheaters made of where the Martians gather?

4. What do the Martians gather to do?

5. Which emotion or feeling best describes the feeling of most of the Martians in August of 1999?

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