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Earth - This is the planet from which the settlers/invaders of Mars originated.

Mars - This is the planet that was once a hot, yet thriving planet, with native plants, animals, seas, and landscape.

House of Usher - This was designed based on the work of Edgar Allen Poe.

Telepathy - This is the primary means of communication among Martians.

Rocket - These are the primary means of travel between the Earth and Mars.

Green Valley - This is located on Mars and is the landing site of the first expedition.

Tyrr - This is the Martian name for the planet that Earthlings call Mars.

Martian - This is a native to the planet Mars.

Hallucination - This occurs frequently on Mars, as the inhabitants visually become the ideas they wish to represent.

The House - This is a windowless prison for the mentally insane.


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