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Essay Topic 1

Describe the main plot line of the novel. What chapters are critical to providing key information to the overall plot line? Why do you believe these are the case?

Essay Topic 2

Write a compare-and-contrast essay between the Martian world before the Earthlings arrived to Earth during the same time period. Use at least five comparisons and five contrasts.

Essay Topic 3

Describe how the intrusion on Earth affects the lives of those inhabiting Mars. What comparisons on Earth can you make to this sub-plot? Support your answers.

Essay Topic 4

Describe how telepathy played a part in the difficulties with the Martians and the Earthlings. Would these things have happened if the Martians did not use telepathy? Why do you believe that is the case?

Essay Topic 5

How is the theme of disbelief developed throughout the novel? What key events throughout the novel support this theme? Why was...

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