The Martian Chronicles Character Descriptions

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Ylla K.

This character is a Martian with light brown skin, yellow eyes, and a melodic voice.

Yll K.

This character is an unhappy, ill-tempered, jealous Martian, who is married and symbolizes the jealous American male.

Captain Nathanial York

This character is the first explorer from Earth to Mars and is a vital, yet unseen character in the novel.

Captain Williams

This character is the leader of the second expedition from Earth to Mars who is initially looking forward to the journey.

Mr. Xxx

This is the psychologist of a Martian town in which the second expedition lands and who is convinced of his belief that space travel cannot exist, and that anyone claiming to be a space traveler must be insane.


This character is a simple taxpayer from Ohio and represents the vast majority of Earth's population.

Captain John Black

This character is the leader of...

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