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January 1999: Rocket Summer

• The story opens in Ohio during a brisk winter.

• Children are sledding while their mothers watch over them in fur coats.

• Suddenly the air becomes extremely warm as a rocket launches from a nearby field.
• The launch melts the snow.

• It causes the snow to change to rain and the land to become soaked with the melted snow.

• The inhabitants think that this winter should be named "Rocket Summer" instead.

February 1999: Ylla

• The scene shifts to Mars where Mr. and Mrs. K's house is described.

• It is very different from one on Earth (crystal pillars, wine in the sea, water running through the walls cools the house, fruit grows in the walls).

• Ylla and Yll are the names of Mr. and Mrs. K. They are married but Ylla is unhappy in the marriage.

• Ylla begins to dream of a tall, blue-eyed man with black hair...

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