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Short Answer Questions

1. What action does Suzanne describe as Figaro "being in his element"?

2. Who does the Count wonder about as Suzanne and the Countess laughingly comment on the way that Figaro cannot stop his manipulations, who does the Count wonder about?

3. What does Marceline have that she says binds Figaro to her?

4. After the Count shows the Countess a letter suggesting that she'll be meeting a lover, what is the explanation the Countess gives the Count why she won't be leaving her room all that day?

5. Who does Figaro say a man always defends?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Countess and Suzanne scheme to do to the Count?

2. What happens as Figaro and Suzanne are formally presented?

3. What do Marceline and Bartholo plot to do?

4. What does Suzanne tell Figaro as he comes into the courtroom?

5. How does the Count react to Bazile's request to have the hand of Marceline?

6. What are the implications of Cherbuin lingering outside Suzanne's door?

7. What has Figaro made arrangements for and how does the Countess react?

8. What is Cherubin's role in the garden plan?

9. What does Figaro say when the Count and Antonio confront him regarding Cherubin and the window?

10. What does the conversation between Marceline and Bartholo reveal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the crisis of the play? Describe the key actions that take place. Describe the characters that are involved. Include 3 textual references to support your findings.

Essay Topic 2

From what Point of View is THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO written? How does this particular Point of View effect the characters, plot, and theme? Is this type of Point of View effective? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Explain the elements of "farce" that are intertwined in both the plot and dialogue of THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO. Extract 3 poignant pieces of textual evidence and explain how each piece of evidence is representative of the qualities of a farce.

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