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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the Count accidentally hit as a result of the shocking kiss?
(a) Marceline.
(b) Cherubin.
(c) the Countess.
(d) Figaro.

2. Who's relationship is Suzanne jealous of?
(a) the Countess and the Count.
(b) Marceline and Figaro.
(c) Figaro and the Count.
(d) Bazile and Marceline.

3. What is Figaro's explanation to the Count as to why he's taken so long to arrive?
(a) he was talking with Suzanne.
(b) he changed his dirty clothes.
(c) he was eating.
(d) he was looking for Cherubin.

4. What does Suzanne believe the Count will do during court?
(a) decide in Figaro's favor.
(b) decide against Figaro.
(c) punish Figaro.
(d) fool Suzanne.

5. Who reads the letter aloud?
(a) Bartholo.
(b) the Count.
(c) Figaro.
(d) the judge.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Figaro and Suzanne talk about when they are finally alone together in the room where they are to be married?

2. Which character steps forward and asks the Count to be merciful as the Countess tries to explain to the Count the reason Cherubin has not left?

3. Who does Cherubin realize he kisses instead of "Suzanne"?

4. How does Figaro respond when the Count and Countess confront him about knowing Cherubin jumped out the window?

5. What is the Count's reason for wooing Suzanne in terms of his relationship with the Countess?

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