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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Figaro want to publicly express thanks to the Count for?
(a) for abolishing the law about marrying servant's wives.
(b) for abolishing the dowry law.
(c) for abolishing the law about marrying royalty.
(d) for abolishing the law about sleeping with servant's wives.

2. What does the Count propose she do that evening instead of either Suzanne or Cherubin?
(a) leave for London.
(b) write another letter.
(c) go to the garden.
(d) stay in the bedchamber.

3. Why sort of missions does the Count want Figaro to take on?
(a) business missions.
(b) religious mission.
(c) international missions.
(d) diplomatic missions.

4. What explanation does Figaro give as the reason why a man wants to possess another man's wife?
(a) human nature.
(b) politics.
(c) religion.
(d) social status.

5. How does Suzanne respond to finding out what bedroom Figaro and she will share after marriage?
(a) she is overjoyed.
(b) she leaves the room in upset silence.
(c) she wants another room.
(d) she begins to decorate the room.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells Suzanne of the Count's intentions concerning the old law?

2. If Cherubin is discovered, what will they say the Count forgot to do?

3. Which two characters had a child together in years passed who was given up for adoption?

4. Which character did the Count catch Cherubin with yesterday in the bedroom?

5. Who does Figaro say a man always defends?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Figaro, how are events supposed to unfold in the garden?

2. What is Figaro's excuse for why it has taken him so long to reach the Count in the courtroom?

3. What does the Countess say to the Count at the end of the play after he's been humiliated?

4. What is Cherubin's role in the garden plan?

5. What happens as Figaro and Suzanne are formally presented?

6. Why does Suzanne want a different bedroom?

7. What has Figaro made arrangements for and how does the Countess react?

8. What are the implications for Suzanne now that the presence of Cherubin has been revealed?

9. How does Marceline explain her previous affections for Figaro?

10. What does Figaro reveal in his aside?

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