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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character rushes into the wedding room with the Count to uncover Cherubin's disguise?
(a) Antonio.
(b) Dr. Bartholo.
(c) the Countess.
(d) Figaro.

2. Who does Figaro admit to flirting with after the Count confronts him?
(a) the Countess.
(b) the woman he's loved all his life.
(c) the woman of his dreams.
(d) the woman who owns his affections.

3. How does Figaro respond when the Count and Countess confront him about knowing Cherubin jumped out the window?
(a) Figaro says they both fell.
(b) Figaro says they both jumped.
(c) Figaro says they jumped after each other.
(d) Figaro says Cherubin pushed him.

4. What is the Count's reason for wooing Suzanne in terms of his relationship with the Countess?
(a) a marriage needs lust to sustain it.
(b) a marriage needs spontaneity to sustain it.
(c) a marriage needs variety to sustain it.
(d) a marriage needs love to sustain it.

5. What does the Count offer "Suzanne" to seal their relationship?
(a) a diamond and a bag of silver .
(b) a bag of gold and a diamond.
(c) a diamond ring.
(d) a bag of gold.

6. What are the Count and Figaro essentially out to do?
(a) fool each other and relinquish control.
(b) upstage each other and relinquish control.
(c) upstage each other and gain control.
(d) fool each other and gain control.

7. What is heard in the background as the Count is in utter disbelief at Figaro's manipulations?
(a) the bustle of the crowd gathering.
(b) birdsong.
(c) the Countess' voice.
(d) wedding music.

8. What does Figaro show Bartholo to prove his point?
(a) his documents.
(b) his diplomas.
(c) his birth certificate.
(d) his birthmark.

9. What does Suzanne initially enter the castle's throne looking for?
(a) smelling salts.
(b) her lost scarf.
(c) an apple.
(d) flowers.

10. What is topic of debate that the Count and Figaro DO NOT engage in?
(a) politics in London.
(b) businessmen versus servants.
(c) becoming a good diplomat.
(d) helping the Countess.

11. What happens between Cherubin and the Countess after the presentation of flowers in honor of Suzanne's wedding?
(a) Cherubin gives the Countess a ring.
(b) the Countess gives Cherubin his commission papers.
(c) Cherubin gives the Countess a kiss.
(d) The Countess gives Cherubin a kiss.

12. Who reads the letter aloud?
(a) Bartholo.
(b) the judge.
(c) Figaro.
(d) the Count.

13. What does the Count announce just as Figaro is rejoicing in the judges decision?
(a) Figaro must pay tomorrow.
(b) Figaro will marry Marceline anyway.
(c) Figaro need not pay.
(d) Figaro must pay today.

14. What does the Count try to do but Suzanne says that someone is coming?
(a) ask Suzanne to marry him.
(b) ask Suzanne to forgive him.
(c) hug Suzanne.
(d) kiss Suzanne.

15. Who does the letter say Figaro should marry?
(a) Marceline.
(b) the Countess.
(c) Fanchette.
(d) Suzanne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the setting of Act 3, Part 1?

2. What does Suzanne believe the Count will do during court?

3. What did Marceline misinterpret the calling for love for Figaro as?

4. What do Suzanne, Figaro, and all the others do in the presence of the Count pleading for the Count's mercy?

5. Which character exits the pavilion masking her face with a fan?

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