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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the Count planning to do just as Suzanne believes the marriage should go ahead as planned?
(a) double cross Suzanne and Figaro.
(b) double cross Marceline and Bazile.
(c) feign interest in the wedding.
(d) go along with the wedding.

2. What does Antonio want Marceline and Bartholo to do?
(a) fall in love.
(b) leave.
(c) work.
(d) marry.

3. Who does the Count accidentally hit as a result of the shocking kiss?
(a) Cherubin.
(b) Marceline.
(c) the Countess.
(d) Figaro.

4. What does Suzanne believe the Count will do during court?
(a) decide in Figaro's favor.
(b) punish Figaro.
(c) fool Suzanne.
(d) decide against Figaro.

5. What does Suzanne say that she and Figaro can use the money for?
(a) a wedding.
(b) a house.
(c) food.
(d) a dowry.

6. Who is Marceline suing?
(a) Bartholo.
(b) the Count.
(c) Figaro.
(d) Suzanne.

7. What does Bartholo concede the language will be in the letter?
(a) and.
(b) then.
(c) or.
(d) not.

8. What is heard in the background as the Count is in utter disbelief at Figaro's manipulations?
(a) birdsong.
(b) wedding music.
(c) the bustle of the crowd gathering.
(d) the Countess' voice.

9. What is the name of the judge?
(a) Bre-Olin.
(b) Bred-Olsen.
(c) Brid-Oisin.
(d) Bren-Olene.

10. What does Suzanne agree to as planned?
(a) marry Figaro.
(b) befriend the Countess.
(c) meet the Count in the garden.
(d) work alongside Antonio.

11. Who reads the letter aloud?
(a) the judge.
(b) the Count.
(c) Bartholo.
(d) Figaro.

12. What theater tactic do both Figaro and the Count use to show their true intentions?
(a) body language.
(b) a mask.
(c) an aside.
(d) a soliloquy.

13. What does Figaro show Bartholo to prove his point?
(a) his birth certificate.
(b) his birthmark.
(c) his diplomas.
(d) his documents.

14. When the Count enters the castle's throne room, who does he order in?
(a) Figaro.
(b) the Countess.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) the public.

15. What does the Count try to do but Suzanne says that someone is coming?
(a) ask Suzanne to forgive him.
(b) ask Suzanne to marry him.
(c) kiss Suzanne.
(d) hug Suzanne.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is an aside spoken directly to when performed onstage?

2. What is the Countess's reason for leaving the ceremony?

3. What does the Countess say to Suzanne about the meeting in the garden?

4. What does Marceline reveal?

5. What are the Count and Figaro essentially out to do?

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