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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the setting of Act 2, Part 1?
(a) the castle grounds.
(b) the Count's study.
(c) Figaro's bedchamber.
(d) the Countess' bedchamber.

2. How does Suzanne respond to finding out what bedroom Figaro and she will share after marriage?
(a) she leaves the room in upset silence.
(b) she begins to decorate the room.
(c) she is overjoyed.
(d) she wants another room.

3. How does Figaro explain the reason why "he" jumped out of the window?
(a) to avoid a fight.
(b) to avoid Suzanne.
(c) to avoid the wedding.
(d) to avoid the Count's temper.

4. Who is Suzanne?
(a) Bartholo's cousin.
(b) both a and b.
(c) the Countess' maid.
(d) Figaro's bride-to-be.

5. What action does Suzanne describe as Figaro "being in his element"?
(a) when Figaro plans and schemes.
(b) when Figaro travels to London with the Count.
(c) when Figaro completes his duties.
(d) when Figaro professes his love for Suzanne.

6. Who does the Countess say had the primary idea for the letter?
(a) Suzanne.
(b) Figaro.
(c) Bartholo.
(d) Bazile.

7. How does Cherubin act when he runs out of the dressing room?
(a) joyous.
(b) panicked.
(c) horrified.
(d) gleeful.

8. When the women tell Figaro that the Count knows everything, what does Figaro tell the Count to believe?
(a) all of it is true.
(b) not a word of it.
(c) Cherubin wrote the letter.
(d) The Countess is plotting.

9. What is Antonio carrying when he enters the room?
(a) a broken vase.
(b) a broken flowerpot.
(c) a broken chair.
(d) a broken necklace.

10. What does Suzanne tell Figaro is missing from the commission papers?
(a) Cherubin's signature.
(b) the official seal.
(c) the postage.
(d) the stamp of the regiment.

11. What does Suzanne do after she enters the room with the dress in hand, unnoticed by either the Count or the Countess?
(a) she tells the Count to calm down.
(b) she hides.
(c) she begins to put on the dress.
(d) she interrupts them.

12. Which character does Suzanne tell Figaro has been banished?
(a) Cherubin.
(b) Marceline.
(c) Bartholo.
(d) Bazile.

13. Who does Figaro say a man always defends?
(a) his beloved.
(b) his children.
(c) his family.
(d) his siblings.

14. Who is Antonio related to?
(a) Bazile.
(b) Marceline.
(c) the Countess.
(d) Suzanne.

15. Why has Dr. Bartholo been sent to the castle?
(a) the Countess is depressed.
(b) the Countess is pregnant.
(c) the Countess is ill.
(d) the Countess requires medication.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Cherubin have to leave for his new assignment?

2. What does the Countess urge the Count to do instead of take a vow of revenge?

3. What does Figaro playfully tease Marceline about?

4. What does Suzanne hurriedly unlock as the Count and Countess exit?

5. How does Fanchette reply when the Count asks where Marceline is?

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