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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is heard coming from the dressing room just as the Count comments that it's a good thing Dr. Bartholo is near?
(a) a tap.
(b) a scream.
(c) a noise.
(d) a crash.

2. What does Figaro playfully tease Marceline about?
(a) Her plans to sue him for neglect.
(b) Her plans to sue him for her illegitimate child.
(c) Her plans to divorce him.
(d) Her plans to sue him for breach of promise of marriage.

3. What does Figaro give Suzanne for luck?
(a) a rabbit's foot.
(b) a ring.
(c) a kiss.
(d) a hug.

4. What does the Countess say she has decided to do because she feels she is the victim of suspicion and anger?
(a) go into a convent.
(b) conceive a child.
(c) divorce the Count.
(d) take a lover.

5. Who does Antonio claim he saw jumping out of the window?
(a) Figaro.
(b) Cherubin.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) Marceline.

6. Which character wants to marry Figaro, even if she has to plot to do it?
(a) the Countess.
(b) Suzanne.
(c) Marceline.
(d) Rosine.

7. How does Cherubin act when he runs out of the dressing room?
(a) joyous.
(b) gleeful.
(c) panicked.
(d) horrified.

8. What has Figaro arranged to be delivered to the Count hinting that the Countess is seeing another man?
(a) chocolates.
(b) a telegram.
(c) a letter.
(d) flowers.

9. What sound summons Suzanne to the Countess?
(a) the sound of a voice.
(b) the sound of a bell.
(c) the sound of a horn.
(d) the sound of wind chimes.

10. Who does Figaro send up to be dressed and coached on how to become a woman?
(a) Cherubin.
(b) Bartholo.
(c) Bazile.
(d) himself.

11. Who is the gardener?
(a) Suzanne's cousin.
(b) Suzanne's father.
(c) Suzanne's uncle.
(d) Suzanne's brother.

12. How does Fanchette reply when the Count asks where Marceline is?
(a) she is waiting for the Count in the garden.
(b) she has gone into town with Bartholo.
(c) she has left town with Bartholo.
(d) she is having tea with Figaro.

13. What does the Count propose she do that evening instead of either Suzanne or Cherubin?
(a) go to the garden.
(b) stay in the bedchamber.
(c) leave for London.
(d) write another letter.

14. What does the Countess promise Suzanne despite the Count's recent actions?
(a) Suzanne will marry Cherubin.
(b) Suzanne will marry Figaro.
(c) Suzanne will marry no man.
(d) Suzanne will marry the Count.

15. How does Figaro react when the Count confronts him about the letter?
(a) he admits to the letter.
(b) he acts shocked at the letters existence.
(c) he tries to talk his way out of it.
(d) he acts indifferent.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the primary reason why Suzanne does not like to bedroom?

2. Who does the Count wonder about as Suzanne and the Countess laughingly comment on the way that Figaro cannot stop his manipulations, who does the Count wonder about?

3. Who does Bazile say he wishes to advance his claim for the hand of?

4. How does Suzanne insult Marceline after she brings in one of the Countess' dresses?

5. After careful consideration, what does the Count announce Cherubin be given command of?

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