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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which two characters are plotting to stop the marriage of Figaro and Suzanne?
(a) Marceline and Bartholo.
(b) Cherubin and the Count.
(c) the Count and the Countess.
(d) Bartholo and Cherubin.

2. How does Figaro respond to Bazile's comment regarding Cherubin being careful around Fanchette?
(a) funny.
(b) wise.
(c) inappropriate.
(d) silly.

3. Who is Antonio?
(a) the gardener.
(b) the handyman.
(c) the butler.
(d) the cook.

4. What does Figaro suggest the Count formally present Suzanne with as a symbol of his commitment to ending the law?
(a) the wreath of flowers.
(b) the wreath of twigs.
(c) the wreath of ribbons.
(d) the wreath of lace.

5. How does Suzanne explain how Cherubin got away to the Countess?
(a) he sprinted out the doorway.
(b) he is hiding in the next bedchamber.
(c) he jumped out the window.
(d) he dressed as a woman in disguise.

6. After the Count jumps angrily out from behind the chair, who does he order to drive Cherubin from the court?
(a) Suzanne.
(b) Fanchette.
(c) Figaro.
(d) Bazile.

7. Who has seen Cherubin lingering outside Suzanne's door?
(a) Bazile.
(b) the court.
(c) Figaro.
(d) The Count.

8. Which character wants to marry Figaro, even if she has to plot to do it?
(a) Suzanne.
(b) the Countess.
(c) Rosine.
(d) Marceline.

9. Who does Bazile comment that Cherbuin will have to be careful around?
(a) Fanchette.
(b) Suzanne.
(c) Bartholo.
(d) Figaro.

10. What does Figaro do when he thinks of the Count wanting to woo Suzanne?
(a) Figaro disregards the thought and moves on.
(b) Figaro begins plotting.
(c) Figaro becomes violent.
(d) Figaro becomes jealous.

11. What explanation does Figaro give as the reason why a man wants to possess another man's wife?
(a) politics.
(b) human nature.
(c) social status.
(d) religion.

12. What does Marceline have that she says binds Figaro to her?
(a) a promise.
(b) a document.
(c) a child.
(d) a ring.

13. How is the presence of Cherubin revealed?
(a) Suzanne lifts the dress off the chair.
(b) The Count lifts the dress off the chair.
(c) Bazile lifts the dress off the chair.
(d) Figaro lifts the dress off the chair.

14. Who does Bazile say he wishes to advance his claim for the hand of?
(a) the Countess.
(b) Marceline.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) Fanchette.

15. What is heard coming from the dressing room just as the Count comments that it's a good thing Dr. Bartholo is near?
(a) a tap.
(b) a noise.
(c) a scream.
(d) a crash.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Figaro react when the Count confronts him about the letter?

2. What is the Countess arranging as the Count is heard outside asking why the bedroom door is locked?

3. What is Suzanne trying on as Figaro is busy measuring?

4. How does Suzanne respond to finding out what bedroom Figaro and she will share after marriage?

5. In addition to Figaro, which character is also in on the plot to have Cherubin stay?

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