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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why has Dr. Bartholo been sent to the castle?
(a) the Countess requires medication.
(b) the Countess is depressed.
(c) the Countess is ill.
(d) the Countess is pregnant.

2. Where does Figaro tell the Countess she should meet the Count, despite the fact that someone else will take Suzanne's place?
(a) the living room.
(b) the parlor.
(c) the garden.
(d) the bedchamber.

3. What does Suzanne do after she enters the room with the dress in hand, unnoticed by either the Count or the Countess?
(a) she tells the Count to calm down.
(b) she hides.
(c) she interrupts them.
(d) she begins to put on the dress.

4. What does the Count say he's going to get out in order to break the door open?
(a) a chair.
(b) a brick.
(c) his tools.
(d) an axe.

5. What action does Suzanne describe as Figaro "being in his element"?
(a) when Figaro completes his duties.
(b) when Figaro travels to London with the Count.
(c) when Figaro professes his love for Suzanne.
(d) when Figaro plans and schemes.

6. Who does the Countess say had the primary idea for the letter?
(a) Figaro.
(b) Suzanne.
(c) Bazile.
(d) Bartholo.

7. How does the Countess try to prepare the Count for the discovery of Cherubin?
(a) she says she was just playing a little joke.
(b) she remains calm and speaks little.
(c) she says she was unaware of who was in the room.
(d) she blames Suzanne.

8. What does Figaro playfully tease Marceline about?
(a) Her plans to sue him for her illegitimate child.
(b) Her plans to sue him for breach of promise of marriage.
(c) Her plans to divorce him.
(d) Her plans to sue him for neglect.

9. According to Figaro, what will the Count be too busy trying to find as to even consider taking in a lover?
(a) his beloved.
(b) Figaro's lover.
(c) Cherubin's many lovers.
(d) the Countess' lover.

10. What explanation does Figaro give as the reason why a man wants to possess another man's wife?
(a) human nature.
(b) social status.
(c) politics.
(d) religion.

11. Who tells Suzanne of the Count's intentions concerning the old law?
(a) Bazile.
(b) Figaro.
(c) Cherubin.
(d) Marceline.

12. What has Figaro arranged to be delivered to the Count hinting that the Countess is seeing another man?
(a) a telegram.
(b) a letter.
(c) chocolates.
(d) flowers.

13. After the Count jumps angrily out from behind the chair, who does he order to drive Cherubin from the court?
(a) Figaro.
(b) Fanchette.
(c) Bazile.
(d) Suzanne.

14. What does the Countess promise Suzanne despite the Count's recent actions?
(a) Suzanne will marry Cherubin.
(b) Suzanne will marry the Count.
(c) Suzanne will marry no man.
(d) Suzanne will marry Figaro.

15. While Cherubin is in the chair and the Count is behind the chair, where is Figaro?
(a) in the garden.
(b) looking for the Count.
(c) looking for Suzanne.
(d) in the foyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cherubin pointedly say to the Count after he admits that his previous actions were unwise?

2. How does Suzanne respond to finding out what bedroom Figaro and she will share after marriage?

3. How does Figaro react when the Count confronts him about the letter?

4. How does Fanchette reply when the Count asks where Marceline is?

5. How does Suzanne insult Marceline after she brings in one of the Countess' dresses?

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