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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Count tell Bazile to commit to instead of a woman?
(a) his country.
(b) making money.
(c) his music.
(d) a new career.

2. What does Suzanne hurriedly unlock as the Count and Countess exit?
(a) the window.
(b) the bathroom door.
(c) the bedroom door.
(d) the dressing room door.

3. When does Cherubin have to leave for his new assignment?
(a) next week.
(b) the next day.
(c) next month.
(d) next year.

4. What does Figaro reveal he is most jealous of in terms of the Count?
(a) his advantage of looks and charm.
(b) his advantage of wisdom and age.
(c) his advantage of money, wealth, and position.
(d) his advantage of strength and maturity.

5. What does Cherubin pointedly say to the Count after he admits that his previous actions were unwise?
(a) he can be discreet.
(b) he can be difficult.
(c) he can be trusted.
(d) he can be helpful.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who reads the letter aloud?

2. According to Figaro, why is the bedroom perfect?

3. How does everyone react to the news from Marceline and Bartholo?

4. What did Marceline misinterpret the calling for love for Figaro as?

5. What does Suzanne do when at first she is alone with the Count in the castle's throne room?

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