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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the plaintiff?
(a) Figaro.
(b) Marceline.
(c) Fanchette.
(d) the Countess.

2. What do Marceline and Bartholo struggle with in terms of Brid-Oisin?
(a) for Brid Oisin to become bias.
(b) for Brid Oisin to understand the case.
(c) for Brid Oisin to judge fairly.
(d) for Brid Oisin to favor Figaro.

3. What does Figaro show Bartholo to prove his point?
(a) his birth certificate.
(b) his diplomas.
(c) his birthmark.
(d) his documents.

4. What does the Countess discover is missing when she examines Cherubin's papers?
(a) the Count's specific orders.
(b) the name of the regiment.
(c) the Count's offical address.
(d) the Count's official seal.

5. What happens between Cherubin and the Countess after the presentation of flowers in honor of Suzanne's wedding?
(a) The Countess gives Cherubin a kiss.
(b) Cherubin gives the Countess a ring.
(c) Cherubin gives the Countess a kiss.
(d) the Countess gives Cherubin his commission papers.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is an aside spoken directly to when performed onstage?

2. Who is the defendant?

3. How does Figaro explain the reason why "he" jumped out of the window?

4. When the women tell Figaro that the Count knows everything, what does Figaro tell the Count to believe?

5. What does Figaro ask his mother to do once the news of his birthright is revealed?

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