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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2 Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What explanation does Figaro give as the reason why a man wants to possess another man's wife?
(a) religion.
(b) politics.
(c) human nature.
(d) social status.

2. Who is the gardener?
(a) Suzanne's brother.
(b) Suzanne's uncle.
(c) Suzanne's father.
(d) Suzanne's cousin.

3. Who has plans to marry Marceline?
(a) Bazile.
(b) Bartholo.
(c) Cherubin.
(d) Figaro.

4. Who does Bazile comment that Cherbuin will have to be careful around?
(a) Fanchette.
(b) Bartholo.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) Figaro.

5. After the Count jumps angrily out from behind the chair, who does he order to drive Cherubin from the court?
(a) Bazile.
(b) Figaro.
(c) Fanchette.
(d) Suzanne.

Short Answer Questions

1. What will potentially happen if Suzanne pretends to go along with the Count's scheme?

2. According to Figaro, why is the bedroom perfect?

3. What does the Countess promise Suzanne despite the Count's recent actions?

4. What does Suzanne hurriedly unlock as the Count and Countess exit?

5. What does the Countess discover is missing when she examines Cherubin's papers?

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