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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is an aside spoken directly to when performed onstage?
(a) the opposing character.
(b) the actor himself.
(c) the set.
(d) the audience.

2. What misfortune does Figaro tease Bartholo about?
(a) How he lost Marceline.
(b) How he lost his money.
(c) How he lost his friendship.
(d) How he lost Rosine.

3. What is topic of debate that the Count and Figaro DO NOT engage in?
(a) politics in London.
(b) becoming a good diplomat.
(c) businessmen versus servants.
(d) helping the Countess.

4. What is heard in the background as the Count is in utter disbelief at Figaro's manipulations?
(a) wedding music.
(b) the Countess' voice.
(c) the bustle of the crowd gathering.
(d) birdsong.

5. Who is Antonio related to?
(a) Marceline.
(b) Suzanne.
(c) Bazile.
(d) the Countess.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why sort of missions does the Count want Figaro to take on?

2. What does the Count blame the arguments between he and the Countess on?

3. What do the asides expose in the characters?

4. What does Figaro give Suzanne for luck?

5. Who is disguised as a girl?

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