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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2 Part 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is heard coming from the dressing room just as the Count comments that it's a good thing Dr. Bartholo is near?
(a) a scream.
(b) a noise.
(c) a crash.
(d) a tap.

2. What has Figaro arranged to be delivered to the Count hinting that the Countess is seeing another man?
(a) a telegram.
(b) a letter.
(c) flowers.
(d) chocolates.

3. What does the Countess discover is missing when she examines Cherubin's papers?
(a) the name of the regiment.
(b) the Count's offical address.
(c) the Count's specific orders.
(d) the Count's official seal.

4. Why has Dr. Bartholo been sent to the castle?
(a) the Countess is depressed.
(b) the Countess requires medication.
(c) the Countess is ill.
(d) the Countess is pregnant.

5. After the Count jumps angrily out from behind the chair, who does he order to drive Cherubin from the court?
(a) Bazile.
(b) Figaro.
(c) Suzanne.
(d) Fanchette.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Bazile comment that Cherbuin will have to be careful around?

2. What does the Countess urge Cherubin to do when he comes in to the bedchamber upset about having to leave?

3. Who is Suzanne?

4. How does Figaro try to cheer up Cherubin regarding his new assignment?

5. Who has plans to marry Marceline?

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