The Marriage of Figaro Character Descriptions

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Count Almaviva - This character holds the ultimate authority of his estate and demands the respect of those who surround him, regardless of his petty and ridiculous actions.

Countess Almaviva - This character is a very human, likable figure who is torn between two conflicting feelings for her husband: anger and love.

Antonio - This character is the castle's tipsy gardener, Suzanne's uncle and guardian, and Fanchette's father.

Dr. Bartholo - This character is a doctor from Seville who helps Marceline, his former mistress, attempt to win Figaro for her husband.

Basil - This character is the Count's music master who loses the Count's favor when he delivers the note from Figaro that falsely accuses the Countess of infidelity.

Don Guzman Bridlegoose - This character is the ineffective judge of the district.

Cherubino - This character is a page in the Count's household who is infatuated...

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