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Act 1 Part 1

• Figaro measures the floor of his future marital bedroom while Suzanne tries on a wreath of flowers.

• Suzanne realizes she wants another room because of its proximity to the Count.

• Suzanne explains the Count wants to re-enact an old-law.

• The old-law allows the Count to sleep with the wives of his servants.

• Figaro reminds Suzanne that the Count rescinded the law.

• Suzanne says that Bazile says he wants to bring it back.

• Figaro say he understands now why the Count wants him and Suzanne to go to London with him.

• The Count wants to woo Suzanne in London.

• Figaro begins plotting how to turn the situation to his benefit.

• Figaro suggests that Suzanne pretend to go along with the Count in order to get more dowry money.

• A bell rings and Suzanne and Figaro kiss for good luck and Bartholo and Marceline come in.

• Marcheline and...

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