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John Grogan (journalist)
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Short Answer Questions

1. When they went to pick out John's first dog, how did his father advise him to test a dog for nerves?

2. How did John's father react when Shaun died?

3. In her fifth month of pregnancy, what did Jenny send John out to buy one Sunday night at eight o'clock?

4. Why did friends of the couple tell the Grogans their house was already baby-proofed?

5. When he first got Marley, John was hoping to make some money off of the dog. How?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Jenny's second pregnancy like in the early stages?

2. Why did John decide to surprise Jenny with a three-week stay in Ireland?

3. The Grogans are excited about their first pregnancy but their happiness is short lived. Why?

4. John encouraged Jenny to keep her commitment to visit with her sister even though Marley was joining their household at the same time. What was his motive behind this?

5. Who was Buddy and what was the result of his visit to the Grogans?

6. How did the Grogans come to name Marley?

7. How did Marley take to housebreaking?

8. What was the reason the Grogans thought about getting a dog not long after they were married?

9. How did the Grogans introduce the baby to Marley and how did he adjust to the new arrival?

10. What did the Grogans see as they left Lori's and what did they realize?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The setting refers to the time and the place where a story takes place. Compare and contrast the three main settings of Marley & Me - West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Pennsylvania. How do the settings have an impact on the narrative of Marley & Me? Cite at least three examples for each setting.

Essay Topic 2

State the theme of Marley & Me. How is the theme of the story reflected in the conflict John Grogan experiences with Marley? Give four examples with an explanation for each one.

Essay Topic 3

In reference to the plotting of Marley & Me:

(1) Why are the events of the memoir arranged as they are?

(2) What moves the narrative along? Is it external action or internal conflicts? Or a combination of both? Support your answer with examples.

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